• Are pets allowed?

    At select properties only. We’re mostly cat-people here at Killam, but several of our buildings allow dogs as well! The cats should be indoor only, and rules vary per building. Be sure to give us a call ahead of time to make sure that Kitty and Fido can stay with you.

  • Are there quiet hours? What are they?

    11pm-7am are typical quiet hours. If you want to have some friends over, the polite thing to do is always invite your neighbors... or at least give them a heads up!

  • Are your buildings furnished?

    Most are not, but there are some furnished apartments available!

  • Are your buildings smoke-free?

    There are some smoke-free options available, don’t fret!

  • Are your building’s secured and how so?

    Don’t worry, we got you… in fact, all of our buildings have a secured entrance!

    What does this mean? Well, you’re going to need to make sure you have a key (or FOB in our newer buildings) to enter, and if your friends are swinging by, they’ll be guided to the intercom system in order to gain access.

  • Can you secure an apartment without living in the city?

    Yes, but it is a good idea to have a friend/family member check the place out in person if possible.

  • Do I need tenant insurance?

    Absolutely! We require all of our tenants provide proof of tenant insurance prior to moving in. Renters’ or tenant’s insurance generally covers your personal property (like your mini fridge or that second-hand futon so-and-so passed on to you) in the event of theft or damage.

    Never heard of it? Not to worry! Start by asking your parents about their policy, sometimes it covers students living outside the home. If you require your own coverage, we have a few partners that will hook you up (at a discounted Killam Tenant rate, of course!) such as Zipsure and Johnson Insurance. 

  • How many keys will we be given?

    To keep things simple for everyone involved, our rule is to supply one key per bedroom. So if you plan on living alone, you only have to worry about one set floating around. While if you and your bestie(s) plan on getting a two or three-bedroom apartment, you’ll receive additional keys.

    If you require an extra set (say, you and your significant other plan on sharing a one bedroom, ahem) let us know and we can arrange that for you!

    *Note: a fee/deposit may apply for extra keys.

  • How much does Utilities cost a month?

    Like we mentioned above, this will really depend on the service provider, apartment size, and province. It will also depend on how the apartment is heated (as stated earlier).

    In some cases, you may only need to pay for lights (score!), it’s always good idea to just ask these questions when you are viewing a Killam building.

  • How much notice do I have to give when I want to move out?

    It depends! Where you live, as well as what type of lease you’re on dictate the pre-termination notice length. Usually the time range is between one-three months before you plan on moving out. Your Resident Manager will be happy to help you out to determine the length relevant specifically to your case.

  • If I am living with roommates, do we all have to sign a lease?

    Yes, everyone living in the apartment must sign a lease and must have a cosigner.

  • Is internet/phone included?

    Both internet and phone services are separate and not included with rent.

  • Is parking included?

    Although outside parking may be included at some of our locations, it never hurts to double check. Don’t fret if you’re unsure, just hit up one of our leasing agents and ask about the parking fees for outdoor and inside parking!

  • Is there a waitlist I can sign up on?

    There are some early-bird waitlists if you’re just too excited to chance it. Please send us an email and we will let you know the feasibility of this.

    Leasing staff are available 7 days/week to answer any questions.

  • What happens if I need to break my lease?

    We’ll be sad to see you go, but we promise we’ll only cry a little. If you must go, there are fees associated with early termination, such as sublet fees, administrative fees and sublet takeover fees.  You will need to find your sublet replacement, and we’ll need to approve them to make sure they’re as cool as you were. We highly recommend you get in touch with either our office or your Resident Manager before looking at breaking a lease. 

  • What is a cosigner and do I need one?

    The act of signing for another person's apartment means the legal obligation made by the cosigner to make payment on the other person's debt should that person default (aka, your parents/guardian have a legal obligation to bail you out in things go bad).

    Having a cosigner is way for individuals with a lower income (like a student) or limited credit history to obtain financing.
    Yes, most students will need a co-signer. 

  • What is the length of a typical lease?

    Like most places you’re probably looking at, leases typically last a full calendar year. That being said, if you think you’re only going to be around for a short period of time, there are select properties that offer either term leases or month-to-month leases … just be sure to check with a Killam leasing rep for all the deets!

  • What is the Perks card?

    Every tenant receives a Perks card upon moving in. Through your Perks Card, Killam provides you (the tenant) great offers and discounts at retailers and services in the cities and towns where they live! What could be better than discounts???

  • What is the role of my Resident Manager (RM) and when can I contact them?

    Your RM is there to help and make your stay as enjoyable and smooth as possible. They live on-site and are available to answer questions and assist when needed, you don’t even need to go outside!


  • What utilities are included?

    Utilities vary from property to property, so it’s best to just inquire up front! Some of our buildings need to be heated electrically, which will be up to YOU to cover; however, that being said, the rent costs for those locations are typically less because we’re not paying for heat. Where we have locations heated by oil or natural gas, we typically cover that expense, which again, will reflect in the price of the rent …. So really, it’s up to you how you want to do it!

    Oh, and by the way, we generally always pay for the water supply!

  • What’s a security deposit?

    A security deposit is money or sometimes property given by a tenant (you) to a landlord (us) prior to your first night.
    We (your landlord), hold this security deposit for the length of the rental agreement. Security deposits cover any damages and/or cleaning costs if charged during the inspection when your lease is up.
    The amount of security deposit is different depending on the province: NS/PEI- ½ month, NB- 1 month, NL- 75% of first month, ONT- first and last month. 

  • Where do I do my laundry?

    Several of our buildings offer in-suite washer/dryers, while the ones that don’t typically have coin-operated laundry machines for use. These laundry rooms have flexible hours and are wheelchair accessible as well. 

  • What does the step-by-step process to securing an apartment look like?
    1. Browse around our website and book a viewing with your fav location (either by calling or online!)
    2. Fall in love with the place? Perfect, the next step is to fill out an application (we’ll get back to you in 24-48 hours)
    3. Have your parents or guardian fill out the cosigner agreement – it protects us both.
    4. Pay your security deposit, as we explained above!
    5. Sign your lease (duh!)
    6. Book elevators for move-in day. Seriously. No one wants to help you drag a couch up the stairs.
    7. Secure tenant insurance – see above for additional information.
    8. Secure electricity, cable, phone, internet etc. Anything we don’t supply for you!
    9. Move in and inspection day – we’ll do this again when you’re moving out!
    10. Call up all your homies and show off your brand new apartment!